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Dell Dimension 3000 Model desktop computer flat rate repair and wholesale parts for any upgrade needed by Mancor Tech only
Price: $95.00

Dell Dimension model 3000 desktop computer
Ref: SQR3 Victor F - Slow/ reformat/ Upgrade Software/RAM/OS/MinimizedHD/DVD/Video upgrade for win7
Other Reference:
Intel Processor Celeron 2.4GHZ
Level 2 Cache 256 KB Integrdated
BIOS Ver A03
Servcie tag: SCNZT51
Service code: 11649807685
HD 34.2GB Only
Souind Max Integrated Digital Audio
Old OS Win XP Pro Ver 2002 SPK3

For any parts and repair call 415-318-0247 for this model. Mancor Tech hug e experienced in repair nationwide and all parts are available.

Item Number: DD3KDC

Product Reviews

(2 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
We ship to Mancor Tech and when we got it amazing!Fast-Great!
Sandy Cruz (Los Angeles, CA) 1/16/2013 6:35 PM
Recommended Mancor Tech world largest computer repair center and global parts resource and you can get warranty too! it that amazing! They got shipment for repair nationwide!
Thansk for Mancor Tech Great they fix it and make it faster
Felicidad Sun (Daly City, CA) 1/16/2013 6:30 PM
Amazing, an old computer faster than my friend computer who bought brand new last week. No need to buy new computer just bring it to Mancor Tech or and they can upgrade it. XP to win 7 beleive it or not. I am happy and this is a great computer company.
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