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Dell Precision Model 210 Desktop Computer for Flat Rate and wholesale parts by Mancor Tech -Global Center of Computer Services

Price: $95.00
Dell Precision Model 210 Desktop Computer for Flat Rate and wholesale parts by Mancor Tech -Global Center of Computer Services
Standard specifications:


Microprocessor type Intel� Pentium� II microprocessor with MMX technology Intel Pentium III microprocessor with streaming single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) extensions
NOTES: Pentium III processors require specific drivers and Service Packs for each Microsoft� operating system. Without the correct driver and Service Pack, the new features offered by the Pentium III processor may not be available.
Systems shipped with Pentium II processors cannot be upgraded to use Pentium III processors. For more information, see the Documentation Update.
Microprocessor speeds:*

Pentium II

350 MHz internally/100 MHz externally 400 MHz internally/100 MHz externally 450 MHz internally/100 MHz externally

Pentium III

450 MHz internally/100 MHz externally 500 MHz internally/100 MHz externally 550 MHz internally/100 MHz externally 600 MHz internally/100 MHz externally 650 MHz internally/100 MHz externally 700 MHz internally/100 MHz externally
Internal cache 32 KB (16-KB data cache; 16-KB instruction cache)
Second-level cache 512-KB pipelined burst; 4-way set-associative, write-back ECC SRAM on each SEC cartridge 256-KB integrated for the Pentium III 650 and 700 MHz
Math coprocessor internal to the microprocessor
*A slower compatibility speed can be set through the System Setup program.

System Information

System chip set Intel 440BX AGPset
Data bus width 64 bits
Address bus width 32 bits
DMA channels seven
Interrupt levels 15
System BIOS chip 2 Mb
Audio controller 16-bit Plug and Play Crystal 3D CS4237B
NIC 3Com 3C905b-TX Wakeup On LAN-capable (uses a 3Com 3C917 ASIC)
I/O controller National PC 87309

Expansion Bus

Bus types PCI, ISA, and AGP
Bus speed PCI: 33.3 MHz ISA: 8.33 MHz AGP: 66.6 MHz (2X-capable)
PCI expansion-card connectors three
ISA expansion-card connectors one
AGP expansion-card connectors one
PCI expansion-card connector size 120 pins
PCI expansion-card connector data width 32 bits (maximum)
ISA expansion-card connector size 98 pins
ISA expansion-card connector data width 16 bits (maximum)
AGP expansion-card connector size 124 pins
AGP expansion-card connector data width 32 bits (maximum)
RAID extension connector size 60 pins

System Clocks

System clock 100 MHz
SDRAM memory clock 100 MHz
I/O APIC clock 14 MHz
Diskette/communications ports 48 MHz
USB clock 48 MHz


Architecture 72-bit ECC SDRAM
DIMM sockets four
DIMM capacities 32-, 64-, and 128-MB unbuffered, 72-bit SDRAM
Standard RAM 64 MB
Maximum RAM 512 MB*
BIOS address F000:0000hF0000:FFFFh
* See the Memory section of the Tech Notes for more information.


Externally accessible bays:

Desktop computers

one 3.5-inch bay dedicated to a 3.5-inch diskette drive; two 5.25-inch bays for tape drives, CD-ROM drives, or other 5.25-inch peripherals

Mini tower computers

one 3.5-inch bay dedicated to a 3.5-inch slimline diskette drive; three 5.25-inch bays for tape drives, CD-ROM drives, or other 5.25-inch peripherals
Internally accessible bays:

Desktop computers

two EIDE hard-disk drives (two 1-inch, two 1.6-inch, or one 1-inch and one 1.6-inch drive) installed vertically

Mini tower computers

two 1.6-inch drive bays and two 1-inch drive bays for EIDE hard-disk drives installed vertically
NOTE: Dell Precision 210 systems are equipped with SMART technology, which supports early detection of imminent hard-disk drive failure on EIDE hard-disk drives.


Externally accessible:

Serial (DTE)

two 9-pin connectors; 16550-compatible


25-pin connector (bidirectional)


standard 15-pin DIN connector(s) (on optional graphics adapters)

PS/2-style keyboard

6-pin mini-DIN connector

PS/2-compatible mouse

6-pin mini-DIN connector


RJ45 connector


two USB-compliant 4-pin connectors

Audio line-in

1/8-inch miniature audio jack

Audio line-out

1/8-inch miniature audio jack

Audio microphone-in

1/8-inch miniature audio jack
Internally accessible:

EIDE hard-disk drives

two 40-pin connectors on local PCI bus

Diskette drive

34-pin connector

CD-ROM drive audio interface

4-pin connector

Wakeup On LAN

3-pin connector


3-pin connector
Control panel connectors:

Thermal sensor

3-pin connector

Chassis intrusion

2-pin connector


4-pin connector


Video type AGP graphics adapter cards (see manufacturer’s specifications)

Key Combinations

<Ctrl><Alt><Del> restarts (reboots) the computer
<F2> or <Ctrl><Alt><Enter> starts System Setup program (during POST only while Logo screen is displayed)

Controls and Indicators

Reset control push button
Power control push button
Power indicator/sleep mode indicator green LED (indicates power); amber LED (indicates sleep mode)
Hard-disk drive access indicator green LED
Link integrity indicator (on NIC connector)

green LED

Network activity indicator (on NIC connector) yellow LED
Power indicator (on system board) green LED
Standby power indicator (on system board) green LED


DC power supply:


Desktop systems

230 W

Mini tower systems

330 W


90 to 135 V at 60 Hz; 180 to 265 V at 50 Hz; switch-selectable

Heat dissipation

600 BTU/hr (nominal)
Backup battery 3-V CR2032 coin cell


Desktop systems:

Weight (minimum)

13.28 kg (29.5 lb)


16.51 cm (6.5 inches)


43.43 cm (17.1 inches)


44.19 cm (17.4 inches)
Mini tower systems:

Weight (minimum)

16.8 kg (37 lb)


45.5 cm (17.9 inches)


22.1 cm (8.7 inches)


42.2 cm (17.8 inches)




10� to 35�C* (50� to 95�F)


–40� to 65�C (–40� to 149�F)

Relative humidity

20% to 80% (noncondensing)
Maximum vibration:


0.25 G at 3 to 200 Hz for 30 min


0.5 G at 3 to 200 Hz for 30 min
Maximum shock:


half-sine wave form: 40 G for 2 ms


half-sine wave form: 105 G for 2 ms; square wave form: 27 G for 15 ms


–16 to 3048 m* (–50 to 10,000 ft)


–16 to 10,600 m (–50 to 35,000 ft)
* The maximum operating temperature of 35�C (95�F) is for altitudes below 914 m (3000 ft). Above 914 m (3000 ft), the maximum operating temperature is reduced.

Regulatory Notices

FCC (U.S. only) Class B
IC Notice (Canada only) Class B
CE Notice Class B
EN 55022 (Czech Republic only) Class B
VCCI Notice (Japan only) Class B
Item Number: DP210DC

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