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Global Business with On-Line store

Price: $1,700.00
International export-import business that functions as global business known as 24/7 or 24 hours per days and seven days a week.
Some people make this as start up business while working with somebody or start it as part time and then become fulltime as big business.
It is depend on the person how to learn it and the result varies from case to case. Remember there is no such thing as quick business like other companies who advertise their networking business. Remember, no such things can make you millionaire automatic. You can make it automated to speed up your business operation, to be organize and accurate but not to speed up your income and guaranteed to make million to billion dollars.
Nothing is easy but at least somebody guide you, like us, who are already in this trade of international business for many years. You can start right away to learn this opportunities. Do not wait for the last moment to start  when you are totally broke or down.
This is the best rule to follow that other people make mistake. They don't want to do business because they have a good job or stable as what they called. but if  they lost the job,  they start to panic and want to do business right away, and  if they dont make money with the guidance of  a business consultant or organizer like us, they stop the business and think that this is not for them. This is the wrong attitude of many entrepreneur in the whole world. That's why being an entrepreneur you are smart person and broadminded. If not smart and broadminded you can develope it little by little. "Be one in a million people, but not to be one of the million people"
Note: One businessman tried to test the attitude of the people through a social network and you can see that if you start talking about business, nobody responsed because they are one of the millions of people around the globe who want to be a financial success or just want to be a survival in everyday life. But never think how to do that. They just ended hunting people to lean to survive in their life. They will not excert any effort to think how to be creative in their own way to do a business. Most of them are train their brain to work to somebody which is good, but to do business look like a dream only for them. But they can tell to somebody that they are working to a big business and never think it's own and started by a simple person and less smarter and less intelligent than her or him. And to be a consultant or organizer like us, it doesn't mean that we are intelligent than you,  instead we have more wisdom in business for many years.
So to start this business opportunities, contact us at from overseas inquiries or local interested parties. Or call 415-318-0247 or send us a letter of inquiries at P.O.Box 1177 Daly City CA 94015 USA  or check our eCommerce online store to give you an idea about us at  or visit our office at 6139 Mission St Daly City CA 94014 USA.
Item Number: GBOS
Manufacturer: Global business with online store 24/7 operations

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