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Magtext (Same as Piso Lang Text)
Price: Piso lang Text Upgrade to 1 ClicMax Direct Call/ Pinless Long Distance/ Very Low Cost/Crystal Clear -Start from $5 or $10 )


* denotes required field

Piso lang text cell phone no. if already activated*
tax free
Load and Text Service or in short cut LoadnTxt service or Piso Lang Text Load .
That means One Peso Only to be charge for Philippine Texter to USA.
We Just create this cart which is the same as " Piso Lang Text Load"
(Reminder how to use Piso Lang Text)
Note: After activation of your piso lang text, you can just reload, add name and phone numbers.
  •  How to add new nick name and overseas cellpnone number Customer can load their own cell no. from their cellphone.
         .add space (Your Philippines contact nick name) space (Your Philippines contact cellphone ) send to 6508610954  or 6508611415
         sample: .add  chito 63000000 send to 6508610954  6508611415
          How to check balance from your cellphone: 
         .status  send  6508610954 or 6508611415
  •  How to text your Philippines contact:
         (Your Philippines nick name) space (messages: Maximum 140 characters)  send 6508610954 or 6508611415
  •  How your friends or relatives in the Phils can send you text:  They will enter like this: 
         (Your user name name)space  (messages: Maximum 140 characters) space send to  9279210238  or 9279210258
        Or Just Reply
  • To know the list of your contacts:
          .list  space send 6508610954  or 6508611415
Item Number: LNT
Manufacturer: Piso lang Text Load or LoadnText
Manufacturer Part No: PLT

Product Reviews

(3 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
Piso Txt From Phils to US - US-based cellphone required.
carlito Lo (Daly City, CA) 6/30/2012 12:07 AM
Yes, you need a local cellphone off course here in the USA like AT&T, T-Mobile, Others small cellphone carrier like boostmobile, Virgin Mobile,or a very small company like MetroPCS, others. and 5 cents to be deducted to your accound while texting to the Philippines. Then the Philippines texter will be charge only one peso. Check this out by mancor Tech also fix all kinds of computers.
Load and text for Piso lang text load by mancor Tech the official website
Lolit Santos (Los Angeles, CA) 6/30/2012 12:02 AM
make sure you go to and select cellphone category and select Piso lang Text load. For Piso Lang Text eload by Mancor Tech the official website. Thet are good becuase they also fix computer of all kinds from desktop to laptops to tablets to Android.!

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Piso Lang Text Load or Piso lang Txt
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Price: Piso lang Text Upgrade to 1 ClicMax Direct Call/ Pinless Long Distance/ Very Low Cost/Crystal Clear -Start from $5 or $10 )
Piso Lang Text Load or Piso lang Txt
tax free
Piso Lang text load or Peso Lang Text Load for your Philippines relatives, friends or associates. Now you can load only $10 minimum by online or by credit or debit card with symbol of Visa or Master card and or by Cash in person.
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