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Mancor Foundation, Inc Donation

Mancor Foundation, Inc
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Mancor Foundation, Inc -Create this link for fundraising for our project.
  • This Corporation is a non-profit foundation approved by Federal and State.
  • The specific purpose of this corporation is to provide education and training to poor children, parents and seniors to give them necessary skills in the operation of computers and related technology.
  • Available for kids, youth, adult, senior. Support the business entity to educate them in information technology and recommend our graduates.
  • Your organization are welcome to support these goal and your donation will be tax deductible.You are our hero.
  • With the help of Information Technologies, these can increase the availability and effectiveness of child and youth development programs that reinforce staying in school and making constructive life choices.
  • Improve academic achievement, especially in critical foundation skills, necessary to master mathematics, reading, spelling, graduate from high school, and transition to college.
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we support mancor Foundation for the unique project
Cathrina Field (Montana) 5/23/2010 10:52 PM
It's good to see an organization like this that can help to developed the kids from early eage to prepare then in the future generation of information technology. I can see the computer technology era for the next generation. This can help them also improve in school their math skills like the speed of light, reading comprehension, verbal and written communication skills, common sense of way of thingking that they can learn link to global library that you cannot get form just hard copy. Their foundation direction are no boundaries and no walls! It is also tax deductible while helping other people.
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