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Piso Lang Text-One Time Activation for Piso Lang text or Peso lang Text
Price: Piso lang Text Upgrade to 1 ClicMax Direct Call/ Pinless Long Distance/ Very Low Cost/Crystal Clear -Start from $5 or $10 )


* denotes required field

Cellphone number to activate (Do not enter any symbol or space)*
Give at least one Nickname and Cellphone in the Philippines (Example: Rosa 9151111111) and in the future if you want to add (Example .add tatay 6399191111111 to 16508610954 or 16508611415
Extra Philippines Contact Nick name and cellphone no.(Optional)
tax free
Piso Lang Text  One Time Activation. Good for any cellphone carrier.
Note: Do not rush for activation , specially during Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
Note: After activation of your piso lang text, you can just reload, add name and phone numbers.
  •  How to add new nick name and overseas cellpnone number Customer can load their own cell no. from their cellphone.
         .add space (Your Philippines contact nick name) space (Your Philippines contact cellphone ) send to 6508610954  or 6508611415
sample: .add chito 63000000 send to 6508610954  6508611415
How to check balance from your cellphone: 
         .status  send  6508610954 or 6508611415
  •  How to text your Philippines contact:
         (Your Philippines nick name) space (messages: Maximum 140 characters)  send 6508610954 or 6508611415
  •  How your friends or relatives in the Phils can send you text:  They will enter like this: 
         (Your user name name)space  (messages: Maximum 140 characters) space send to  9279210238  or 9279210258
Or Just Reply
  • To know the list of your contacts:
          .list  space send 6508610954  or 6508611415
Other informations:
Piso Lang Text or Peso lang Text or LoadnTxt is a two-way prepaid text messaging service between the United States and the Philippines, and serves
as a low-cost alternative to international texting. Our service only caters to those in the US. Here's how it works:

1) Those who live or work in the US must send your messages to our local numbers in the US
2) Meanwhile, your contacts in the Philippines simply send their messages to our local numbers in the Philippines

Before you can avail of the Piso lang Text or LoadnTxt service, you need to register the following:

1) Your US-based cellphone number (prepaid or postpaid)
2) All cellphone numbers of your contacts in the Philippines (no limit)

You will be charged $0.05 per message sent or received with Piso Lang Text or LoadnTxt. If you have a monthly text messaging plan,
your monthly text allowance will be deducted also. If you have no monthly text messaging plan or if you are using a
prepaid phone, you will be charged based on your carrier's Pay Per Use rate (on top of the $0.05 charge with LoadnTxt).

If you noticed, you will save more with a monthly text messaging plan than with a prepaid plan, or postpaid plan
but with no monthly text messaging plan.


Cost-effective: With Piso Lang Text Load or LoadnTxt, you are basically avoiding international text rates because you simply
send your messages to a local number only. Your contacts in the Philippines will be charged only 1 peso per message
(as opposed to at least 15-peso international text rate!)

Convenient: Use your US-based cellphone wherever life takes you. You can send and receive messages
wherever you are in the 50 US states.

Flexible: There is no monthly bill because Piso Lang Text or LoadnTxt is a prepaid text messaging service. You can reload
credits simply by calling us (415)318-0247 or through our website. And lastly, your account and load credits has no expiry

Item Number: PLTOTA
Manufacturer Part No: PLTOTA

Product Reviews

(7 Ratings, 12 Reviews) Average Rating:
Piso Txt From Phils to US - US-based cellphone required official website
Teddy Chan (Daly City, CA) 2/17/2012 2:52 PM
Go to for www loadntxt or to load and txt or to load and text for piso lang text. No need second cellphone or second sim card like globe, smart or sun cellular from the phils., instead using your own present cellphone number that base in the usa and you can text your relatives or friens to the phils without affecting your recent cellphone carrier. Mancor Tech also good in computer sales and service.
Smart plu and talk?this is piso lang text from philippines
Cathering De leon (Stockton, CA) 2/10/2012 10:24 AM
Smart Plug N Talk by using a based cellphone like any carrier but piso lang text from Philippines will be piso lang text.So, Piso Ang Text Nila Sayo, Piso Rin Ang Reply Mo! ... "I can call any phone in the Philippines?" And all rates ... Isaksak lang sa any computer kung may computer eh kung wala , kaya ok ang Mancor Tech hi-tech talaga sila! (office, bahay, o ... tawagsmart got to highly recoomended for piso lang text from Philippines or pinas
PisoText-pisotxt-textPiso-Textpiso or all kinds of pisotext go here for one peso
Angelica Chan (Daly City, CA) 2/10/2012 10:19 AM
PisoText -pisotxt-TextPiso-txtpiso-Piso text or lahat ng klaseng piso lang text, ito ang original, make it will work- Keep in touch 24/7 to the Philippines ** Credits are also valid for any Smart Buddy, Smart Talk n' Text and Smart Plug n' Talk SIMs whether in the Philippines or abroad. * All purchased e-loads in your ... or o make sure it is genuine piso lang text.
Text2Pinas-texttopinas-txt2pinas or all kinds of text from piinas for piso lang!
Belinda Ngo (Daly City, CA) 2/10/2012 10:14 AM
Text2Pinas or textto pinas or txt2pinas or text to pinas or pilipinas or philippines text-ito lang ang ultimate way!!Send and receive SMS text messages to and from the U.S. and the Philippines at a much lower rate!! Text2Pinas/txt2pinas/text to pinas or what ever text to or 2 pinas for piso lnag per text. it lang ang solution kahit wala ng sim card- is an SMS or text messaging service created to make ...
piso lang text Philippines
Romy Go (Daly City, CA) 11/22/2010 7:30 AM
Yes piso lang text cost from Philippines friend, love ones, business associates without any second cellphone in your pocket. no expiration, noo need sim card, no monthly dues, no contract, no check credit, no need green card or social security number to get this in the USA for your contacts. inquire it at I have thje same problem before like you to spend lot of money like 15 pesos or up and now by Mancor Global I spend only one peso per text from Philippines to USA.

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