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Clipper Card

Price: Need to purchase in person in our store.
Clipper Card for Samtrans
$64 Local monthly pass-Samtrans area unlimited
$96 SF monthly pass adult unlimited
$36 Express monthly pass -youth unilimited
$25 Senioer RTC Unlimited
$165 XPS Monthly Pass Unlimited
(For dealer only customer service- 866-998-1888)
(For dealer only for customer services if there's a problem with the clipper card.
or call 415-318-0247 Mancor Tech at 6139 Mission st Daly City CA 94014
or Samtrans 120 bus any questions.
Clipper for Muni Bus
$70 Muni and Bart Pass ( Product / Muni/Pass/Muni Pass for staff reference only)
$60 Muni Pass Only
$20 Senior for Muni Pass (Need to register for the first time)
$20 Youth for Muni Pass (Need to register and bring the birth certificate or ID)
For Senior registration for the first time go to:
1 South Vanness 6th Floor, Okland, san Rafael
When to buy:
Aftyer 16th of the month , 15th Best time to buy or if Purchase 2nd of the month and expries 30th of the month.
Office hours:
Mon to Fri  (4pm-10pm)
Sat- (5 to 9)
Sun-(6-9 pm) 
Item Number: SB
Manufacturer: Clipper Card Transportation
Manufacturer Part No: Clipper card

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