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Toshiba Satellite A55-S1063 Laptop Computer Flat Rate Repair and Wholesale Parts by Mancor Tech Nationwide and Global Customer
Price: $95.00
Toshiba Satellite A55-S1063 Laptop Computer Flat Rate Repair and Wholesale Parts by Mancor Tech Nationwide and Global Customer.

AC/DC adapter OEM for TOSHIBA
Model or M/N:  PA3282U-1ACA
P/N: G71C0002SB10
INPUT: 100-240V--1.5A
Output: 15V-4A  Manuf byL JET  or

Delta Electronics (Jiang Su) Ltd.
100-240V- 50/60 Hz 1.5A
System Informations:
Toshiba Satellite A55-A1063
CM370 15XC 256 RW/DV 40 SN WLG
Parts No. PSA50U-ONN02E
DC 15 V-4.0A
Wireless LAN: 001F5-87D26E
For Flat Rate Repair and wholesale parts if needed during repair by Mancor Tech customer nationwide and internationa call 415-318-0247
RAM Memory type:   Manuf Parts no.
PC2700   333Mhz      (256MB)-M333N-256BD07
PC2700   333MHz      (512MB)-M333N-512BD10
PC2700   333Mhz      (1024MB)-M-333N-1024BD10
For all types of laptop parts call 415-318-0247 Mancor Tech

Other Infor about RAM:

Memory Type:  DDR SODIMM 200pin DDR SODIMM: (Double Data Rate) (synchronous dynamic random-access memory)
(Small Outline-DIMM)
1GB 2X512MB PC2700 DDR333 200pin CL2.5 Sodimm Laptop Memory
DDR, double data rate is a type of SDRAM in which data is sent on both the rising and falling edges of clock cycles in a data burst. It is usually referred to as DDR as opposed to DDR SDRAM.
SODIMM, small outline dual inline memory module. Smaller and thinner than standard DIMMs, SODIMMs are typically used in laptop computers. 
Memory Speed: PC2700
Chipset:  Intel 855GM   Chipset :
A group of chips that together make up a complete computer processing unit, usually on one circuit board (the motherboard). It may include the main central processor, graphics processors, secondary cache memory, and input-output controllers. Memory is one component controlled by the chipset. 
Standard Memory: 512MB  Removable
Memory Slot(s):  2
Max. Memory Per System: 1024MB (1GB)
Max. Memory Per Slot:  1024MB (1GB)
Install Memory in Pairs:  Not Required   Install in Pairs :
Memory modules must be installed in pairs of matched memory size. This means that if you purchased your computer with 128 MB of memory installed and you want to add another 512 MB of memory, you must remove the two continuity modules and replace them with two 256-MB memory modules. 

Item Number: TSA55-S1063

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