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Vktech G24 To E27 Socket Base LED Halogen CFL Light Bulb Lamp Adapter Converter Holder

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Vktech G24 To E27 Socket Base LED Halogen CFL Light Bulb Lamp Adapter Converter Holder
A G24 bulb is one typical type of the CFL lamps (Compact Fluorescent Lamps). It features 2 or 4 electric pins with plastic support clips at the center in various layouts, depending on the wattage of the bulbs. CFL lamp has good luminous efficacy than that of incandescent bulb, but it usually contain toxic materials inside, like Mercury, so it’s not eco-friendly.
2. How many types of G24 bases there are?
There are different types of G24 bases, including G24d (“d” means doube pins) and G24q (“q” means quad pins), and both of them has variations like G24d-1, G24d-2, G24d-3, and G24q-1, G24q-2, G24q-3, ….etc. The numeric number after the character “-” means different locations of the dowels (see illustration below).
3. Can G24d lamps and G24q lamps be replaced with each other?
No. Acoording to IEC definition (IEC60061-1, IEC60061-2), G24q lamp base is shorter in depth, but a little wider than G24d lamp base.
The max. depth of G24q lamp base is 16mm, while that of G24d lamp base is 23mm (This is because G24d lamp has embedded starter & anti-EMI circuit inside and requires more space).
The width range of G24q lamp base is 13.2~13.55mm, while that of G24d lamp is 13.2~13.35mm (though at present most of them are made with same width).
Therefore, G24q lamps would not have correct contact with G24d lamp holders, though they seems to be fit for G24d lamp holders, and vice versa.
4. Why to replace G24 CFL lamps with G24 Led bulbs?
Replacing G24 CFL lamps with G24 Led lamps will bring you many benefits, including,
* Money saving. G24 Led bulb consumes even less electricity than G24 CFL lamp, though CFL lamp has already good savings over incandescent bulb. Also, G24 Led bulb has much longer lifetime than that of G24 CFL lamp, so you will save a lot on electricity bill, and replacement/maintenance costs.
Item Number: LEDHCFL1
Manufacturer Part No: LEDHCFL2

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